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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read or love libraries. I was first employed in Toronto as a “page” (what we call “shelver”), and later graduated as a librarian from U of T. At WPL, I work in Information Services at the Main branch.

My reading tastes are eclectic, but I do savour a good cozy mystery, inspiring memoir, or plant-strong cookbook. In addition to books, I enjoy writing, photography, travel, spending time with my family, and chilling out with our Boston Terrier.




I’m Sarah and I work at the Main branch, in the Childrens’ department and upstairs at the Info Desk. I love my job and there is nothing better than putting the perfect book into someone’s hands. Trust me when I say that I know what you need to read.

I grew up reading. My grandmother was the head Childrens’ librarian in Whitby and I was never without a book in my hands. Nancy Drew, Judy Blume, W.O Mitchell and Barbara Kingsolver illustrate my coming of age in book land, up until I read my first Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale) in my teens and thought I had reached full literary maturity. I had no idea.

I will read everything and tell you what I think. I will shout at you from across the desk when you pick up the latest Ann Patchett or Emma Straub or Elizabeth Strout or JK Rowling or Tana French from our shelves because I love them so much and want you to as well.

But if you don’t, it’s fine and you will never hurt my feelings. I am strong and well prepared with many, many more suggestions. Don’t be frightened if I seem too passionate, I just love books. I also love my dog and when my husband and our sons do the Saturday morning crossword with me while eating chocolate croissants.




Hello fellow readers! My name is Nancy. I am a retired banker and for the last six years have been working at my dream job!  As an Information and Circulation Assistant at the Harper branch, I feel like a kid in a candy store. To have access to so many books, movies and DVDss seems like a dream come true.

I grew up reading the Little House on the Prairie series as well as all of the Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Donna Parker, Bobbsey Twins and Cherry Ames offerings. As I grew older, I devoured Irving Stone’s historical fiction as well as Sidney Sheldon, James Michener, Jeffrey Archer, Leon Uris, Taylor Caldwell, Arthur Hailey and yes…. even a little Harold Robbins!

I believe that my early exposure to reading has helped me to develop an appreciation for all sorts of writing. From fiction to non-fiction, poetry and even graphic novels, I have had the joy of being lost in the words and stories penned by some of the most amazing authors. Now, as a grandparent, I am so blessed to be able to watch and experience my grandchildren as they embark on their reading journey. What a joy!




Wow, I have been working at WPL for almost 10 years now. What I love about books is how you can get totally lost in them. You put your nose into a book, and somehow before you know it, two hours have passed. I enjoy many kinds of books, but particularly like mysteries, and non-fiction (biographies, health and wellness and politics).

I’m fond of travelling (the top two on my bucket list: Salisbury, England—where my family comes from– and ancient Greece), yoga, my veggie garden, hanging out with my cat, the Beatles, Sudoku, a glass of red wine now and then, and starry, starry nights. And I never say no to an offer of chocolate.



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Hello, my name is Jenna, and I work in Information Services and Local History. I’ve been at the library for about five years now. I love coming into work and discovering new and unique items to watch and read. Between working at the library and working on a degree in English and Medieval Studies, I read quite the variety of books, that I hope to share with you.

I am also a regular user of the Download Library, in particular the e-audiobooks. I’ve found many interesting reads that I would have never noticed by browsing the “Available Now” titles online. I love the convenience of having the audiobooks on my phone (using the Overdrive app) to make those boring commutes and household chores more exciting. I’ve often spent a moment too long standing at my front door, so that I can listen to another minute of an engaging title. You can be sure that I will be writing about some of these great listens!



I’m Lesley – I’ve been behind the desk at the John M. Harper Branch since it opened in 2011. Before that, you could find me shelving books at the Main Branch.

I fell in love with books back when my Mom read to me before bed. My most requested books were ‘The Littles’ – a story about a miniature family that lived inside the walls of a house owned by the Biggs family. From there I graduated to reading about Ramona Quimby. I used to copy her cat shaped “Q” inside my notebooks. Now I read anything Teen – contemporary, dystopian, fantasy – that comes across my desk




I’m Penny M. I work in the Collections department here at Main which means I have one of the best jobs in the building – I work in the department where the boxes and boxes of new books, CDs and DVDs first arrive. We have that incredible smell of new books in here several times a week. I also work at the Circulation and Information desks where I see the shiny new materials go home with our customers and then hear about them when they are returned.

Reading and going to the library has been a part of my life since I was young. I grew up in Hamilton, ON where my mother would let me take the city bus down to the main library and spend my Saturday mornings there. She would let me take a packed lunch and a thermos of milky tea so I wouldn’t have to hurry home until I had found all of the very best books. I have never lost the thrill of knowing that I have a bag filled with fresh stories to get me through the week nor have I lost the taste for milky tea to go with them.

I don’t really have a favourite book or author. Every week in the boxes of new books there is something that is so good that I can say to a customer or a friend that “I am reading the best book right now” and that doesn’t mean that it is my favourite or better than the last one, it’s just the best one right now. Who knows what will be in the bag I take home from the library next week?




My name is Laurie P. and I work in Information Services at the Main Library and Harper Branch as well as occasionally at the McCormick Branch. Reading has always been a part of my life. I grew up loving The Secret Garden, Nancy Drew and the antics of the Wakefield Twins in Sweet Valley. During my late teens and twenties my reading time focused more on textbooks than fiction but my love of reading fiction was re-established by a certain young wizard when my kids were young. I began taking my kids to WPL at a very early age and that has instilled a love of reading – in varying degrees – in them. For me, reading is something that I want to do on a daily basis. It’s my ‘me time’ – a way to relax, learn something, be entertained and is a portable pastime that I can take with me wherever I go.

I often read more than one book at a time and enjoy reading various genres – historical fiction, action/adventure, mystery, suspense, contemporary fiction, teen, supernatural as well as some children’s fiction and non-fiction too. Personally, I’ll take reading in any form. I enjoy listening to the occasional e-audiobook but I’m quite an avid reader of e-books and also love the feel and look of a paper book too.

I love sharing great reads with friends, family and library customers. There’s nothing like the bond between book lovers and sharing a mutual love of a favourite author or book. I’ve been a book blogger for the past seven years which enables me to read soon to be released books from publishers as well as receive books directly from authors. Reading is a huge part of my life and I look forward to sharing some of that excitement here on the WPL blog.



Sandy and Bailey

My name is Sandy W. and I am a shelver at the Main Library.  I have always loved to read mysteries. When I was 10 years old, my mother bought a box of Nancy Drew hardcovers at a garage sale. Whenever I did extra chores, I was rewarded with a book from the treasured box – talk about cheap labour!  I still have those Nancy Drew books: they remind me how smart my mother was, and how good things can come from pulling weeds!  I also became hooked on WWII fiction after reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl.  My grown-up reading tastes have expanded to all types of historical fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, popular fiction and recipe books. I subscribe to BookBub: they send me daily emails about discounted e-titles from Amazon, Kobo, etc. that are in line with my reading preferences. However, instead of buying the books, I keep a list and borrow the ones that intrigue me from WPL!